Terms of Engagement


An engagement agreement is an agreement between a law firm and a client about the type of services the law firm will provide and how much it will cost to provide those services. Its use is encouraged by The Virginia State Bar. We also think it is important that you fully understand what we offer before you decide to purchase those services. Unlike the other corporate formation services, we are bound by the Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct and those rules require full disclosure on our part and prohibit misrepresentations. Accordingly, before we provide you with services, you must agree to and electronically sign the engagement agreement. You will have the opportunity to read the engagement agreement prior to purchasing any services through this Site. Your placement of an order with us for our services, accompanied by the required payment, is your agreement to the terms of our Engagement Agreement and an electronic signature thereof. You should know that any payment by you goes into our trust account and remains your money until we actually pay the filing fee and generate the documents ordered for your company.

Click here to download a sample Terms of Engagement.